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Whether you’re an interior decorator working on a new design for a boutique hotel in New York or an architect creating blueprints for your next iconic building, our ny cost estimating & takeoff services ensures that you capture all the details. If an accurate and thorough record of all construction costs is critical to the success of your business, then contact our New York cost estimation team today.

We specialize in fast and accurate construction takeoff, using floor plans or 3D models. You can be sure that all your dimensions will be recorded for each item. You’ll know where you stand, beforehand.

We’re just a group of people who are passionate about construction takeoffs and excel at them. We understand the importance of your NYC projects.

When it comes to construction estimation, nothing brings you the level of accuracy and detail that you need like a team of Bidding Professionals.

Bidding Professionals has a specialized team of civil engineers with years of experience that makes cost estimation and takeoffs of any project as quick as possible.


Get Fast, Accurate, and Affordable Construction Estimating Services NYC

Need fast and accurate construction takeoff services in New York? Simply send us the PDF of your construction plans (and photos, if available), and we will provide you with a fast, accurate estimate. Preparation of accurate cost estimates takes time, as well as guessing construction material costs.

We offer a personalized service that keeps you informed every step of the way. Our certified material cost estimators can review your plans to identify potential delays or issues on-site and can help you mitigate any potential problems so you can nail down your best estimate. 

Our material and earthwork cost estimates provide you with highly accurate construction takeoffs using location-specific material, labor pricing data using our developed construction cost databases. Our customized construction bid estimates have helped thousands of contractors and subcontractors.

Monthly plans for busy contractors

Getting construction material takeoff services for a busy contractor can be very challenging. As being a busy contractor, If you are interested in getting fast and accurate bids on upcoming construction projects, it is time that you consider using Bidding Professionals Material Takeoff Services.

Bidding projects is a complex task. It requires multiple resources, expert skills, and constant monitoring. Our civil engineers streamline the entire bidding process for general contractors by providing an automated means for estimating projects and processing bids.

When you work with our dedicated team of construction take off estimators, you can save up to 30% of your construction costs.

As a busy contractor, it is important to keep costs low. We believe that you should focus on bringing in more contracts instead of spending several hours working through take off estimates. Our team will help you do just that by providing you with an accurate construction takeoff using time-tested techniques.

Design Estimate for Architects & Designers in New York

If you are an architect or an NYC designer and looking for an accurate design estimate then Bidding Professionals is the choice. Architects always find it a pain to collect estimates at the early stages of design. 

We aim to help you avoid these issues by providing you with an accurate and professional estimate for the design concept. Using a combination of experience, technology, and skills, we give you a defensible, accurate estimate based on our past performance with Residential design, Construction Management, Commercial, and development projects.

We have helped over 100 architectural firms from diverse backgrounds to estimate using the same template consistently built keeping in mind that each project is distinctive and there are no standard values that can be used across all cases. Our promise is to get you an accurate estimate that is defensible at every stage of design and helps your clients to visualize costs involved in their projects accurately before they commit.

We take over the stress of creating formal estimates. Here is what we’d do. We rely on our past experience to provide clear, complete, and accurate design estimates in a range of costs. We are available for you to discuss the scope of work, source selection (if required), and other contingencies that will impact your estimate

Once you have decided to use our estimating service, let’s begin working on the estimate. This would involve us understanding your project from beginning till end…


Construction Bid Estimates for General Contractors & Subcontractors

It is important for you to get the best bid estimates from qualified cost estimators before you start on a new project.

Every contractor faces the challenge of creating profitable bidding strategies and overall winning more jobs. As a construction takeoff company, you have to read through dozens of bids for work, every day. This is where construction bid estimates come into play.

If you are fed up with this tiresome process, let us do all the dirty work for you. Our goal is to be your eyes, so you can focus on executing profitable projects.

With more than two decades of experience in commercial construction, we have helped 100s of clients plan and implement cost-effective construction solutions. We can help you turn your project into an exciting success for your company and valued clients. Contact us to obtain a free quote today.

Bidding Professionals services has always been providing custom construction bid estimates at very affordable prices. The company offers construction bid estimates for both commercial and residential general contractors and subcontractors as well. Bidding projects with our software has proven to be easier, simpler, and more cost-effective for our clients.

To get started with construction cost estimation services, fill out this short registration form or call us at 585-257-8306

Cost Estimation Service for Home Developers

There’s no way to value a development property accurately when you’re building something new. This can be stressful and expensive. It’s hard to determine costs and prices on your construction projects. Specific labor and materials rates are hard to find, which leads to pricing errors, or worse – no certainty at all! If you are a home developer, then cost estimation and price negotiation are important. It’s the difference between making a sale or losing the deal to someone else. 

Too many developers have painfully learned that underestimating the cost of a construction project is a major pitfall. Contractors may or may not be willing to shoulder the burden of overrun costs, and those costs are passed on to the developer.

It’s hard to negotiate with vendors in NYC when you have no idea how much your construction project will cost.

What if you could have the price you expect? The only way we can do that is by taking all the guesswork out of cost estimating by providing a service that has confidence in pricing and cost estimates.

Let us help you get an accurate estimate of the materials needed for your project, so you will be able to negotiate prices more confidently and save thousands of dollars in price differences. Our take off estimator can prepare the quantity takeoffs and cost estimates for your construction project so you can have a valuable negotiating tool in budgeting and negotiation.

Our experts will help you prepare cost estimates for your upcoming construction projects. If you choose to work with Bidding Professionals trained quantity estimators, you can have confidence that the accuracy and completeness of your quantities and costs are top-notch. Our estimators are industry experts who have experience working both with private developers as well as general contractors.

Our cost estimation services offer an easy way to accurately identify each item of materials and labor costs in building your house. With detailed estimates handy, you can make sure that your budget is in line with expectations.

You can use our cost estimates to impress buyers with your prudence, and to negotiate better deals with material suppliers in New York. Our estimation software gives you accurate and detailed pricing and cost estimates.

Let us show you what we can do. Get an estimate today and make sure to check out how our services will enable you to consistently budget with confidence.

Who Are Our Clients

We’re here for you. Let us take the hard work out of the construction procedures, so you can focus on more important aspects of your business.

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We are fast and accurate. From simple to complex, we deliver all your construction takeoff needs with the help of our flexible billing process. We help you produce the best blueprints for your construction projects. You can count on us to work quickly and efficiently to get the job done.


Indeed, Bidding Professionals stands out as favorably competitive among the other construction takeoffs services NYC where you get premium quality and amazingly priced cost estimating services all under one roof.

Trades We Cover

Bidding Professionals provides quantity takeoffs and cost estimates to General & Sub contractors under following CSI trades:

Our Recent Work

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General Contractors:
General Contractors:

In a time span of more than 7 years, we experienced working with GCs, developers, architects, and project owners all across the nation, delivering turn-key estimates to them within their time frame. 

  • Imperial Gardens Apartment Homes - $28.2M
  • The Hub on Morgan - $3.9M
  • 3-Story Self Storage Facility - $9.7M
  • 1599 Columbus Ave - $12.3M

We have a vast clientele of all types of subcontractors like concrete, steel, painting, drywall, MEP, roofing, etc. We have a track record of delivering accurate estimates using the best-estimating software like BlueBeam, PlanSwift, RSMeans, etc.

  • O’Reilly Auto Parts - $936K
  • 1956 Jerome Ave - $4.2M
  • Fisher-Titus Medical Center - $1.04M
  • Panda Express – $896K
Material Suppliers:
Material Suppliers:

With our knowledge of estimating, we reach out to material suppliers as well. They utilise us in preparing material sheets and order lists. We help them calculate accurate material lists and save time while they deal with clients. 

  • Grand Villas of Clayton
  • Green County Animal Center
  • Metropolitan Multi-family Building
  • McDonald’s Restaurant

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