Freelance Construction Estimator

What is a Freelance Construction Estimator?

Bidding Professionals LLC is a one window solution for all types of construction estimators. Whether you are a contractor, architect, developer or outsourcer, Bidding Professionals can help you make accurate bids within short deadlines. Our freelance construction estimators offer precise estimation services at competitive hourly rates to help you reduce the expenses of estimation. With a wide portfolio of working in more than 10 states of USA, we can assure accuracy, efficiency and timely delivery of projects. More than 300 architects, contractors and developers are utilizing our freelance construction estimating services competitively lower hourly rates and due to our quality of work and reputation, they remain committed to us.

Freelance Construction Estimator

Why Opt For Freelance Estimator?

Our freelance estimator is a facility for the contractors who have their own in-house estimation team but they are willing to submit more bids. Our motto is “Submit more bids and win more projects” so our clients can utilize our services to submit more bids at reasonable prices and increase their bid winning ratio. 

●  For Startups Or Small Contractors
For startups and small contractors, it is the most suitable choice to utilize our services on a project basis. This is the choice of the client to hire the freelancer on an hourly basis or project basis at the most reasonable prices. We help startups grow with our affordable prices and one of the best post-project support.

●  Need An Independent Unbiased Assistance
While working on a project, different estimators have their own formats and working style which makes it difficult for the contractor to review the project so we can assign an independent estimator for the complete project to avoid contradictions.

●  Facilitate Your Existing Estimating Department
Despite having an in-house estimation team, our clients outsource their estimation jobs to us in case of heavy workload or even for a double-check of the prepared bid. In case of workload, Bidding Professionals LLC can help you out to prepare more bids and submit them in time.

●  Specialized Trade Estimating
If your in-house estimation team lacks a specific skill like concrete, drywall etc outsourcing to us for accurate and timely bids will be a great option. We offer freelance estimating services for all the trades and CSI divisions. Bidding Professionals is a one window solution for all types of contractors, architects, developers and outsourcers who are looking for an experienced and dedicated estimation team.

Freelance Construction Estimating Process

Freelance Construction Estimating Process

While providing Construction and Quantity takeoff Services, we start with reading the building drawings/plans and calculate the type and the number of materials required to build the specific building. The calculation of materials in terms of type and amount is called the quantity takeoffs. These calculations are put in an excel spreadsheet in an organized format and delivered to the client. The preparation and delivery of this spreadsheet are Construction and Quantity Takeoff Service.
In addition to Quantity takeoffs, we also provide accurate cost estimation services to our clients. The process is simple. The client sends us the project plans and we provide free consultation as well as a quote to do the project according to the given scope. Once we have an agreement, we charge 50% of the fee initially and start the project. The first step in the process of estimating is to go through the project plans thoroughly and check if the concerned estimate is a budget estimate or a design estimate. In the second step, the estimator marks the plans on Bluebeam Revu which is a software used to calculate the quantity takeoffs. The third step is the cost estimation in which we calculate the cost of each corresponding line item using RSMeans. RSMeans is an online platform by which we can get the changing market prices of construction materials. Estimators get the prices of labor and materials along with the productivity of the labor from RSMeans. The detailed estimate is performed with everything broken down to show each minor detail to the client. The site estimate is performed in the first step covering each and every small detail.

After the completion, delivery, and payment of the project, our support team remains in contact with the customer in case of any additions or changes. We have one of the best post-project support teams and we serve our clients in all the possible ways. We help each other grow.


Affordable and Cost-Effective

Make Your Project More Affordable and Cost-Effective

We, at Bidding Professionals LLC, believe in serving our clients in all aspects of affordability and cost-effectiveness. Working with us, you can experience the highest levels of cost-effectiveness and affordability. Our clients don’t have to worry about the management of an in-house estimation team and receive their accurate estimates in time.

Accurate Estimation Services

Obtain Reliable Insights with Accurate Estimation Services

Accuracy and Preciseness is the most critical factor in cost estimation of any type of construction. The estimation of materials, labor prices, labor productivity, and equipment plays a conclusive role in winning the bid. With our cost estimation and quantity takeoff services, you can submit more bids and eventually win more projects.

Our Portfolio

Bidding Professionals LLC has extensive experience in all types of residential, commercial and industrial estimates both in the public and private sector. Our portfolio includes:

Construction Estimator Portfolio

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