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Bidding Professionals is a team of professional commercial and residential painting estimators based in New York. Our team has experience in estimating, with a focus on new construction. Our efficient team is well-versed in coatings and project procedures and will be happy to work with you throughout the painting project estimating process.

Bidding Professionals is an innovator and pioneer in the use of advanced techniques and technologies for a complete range of painting projects. We specialize in architectural coatings, commercial coatings, and floor coatings, and strive to exceed your expectations. Email or call us for quick and accurate painting estimates today!!

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Bidding Professionals has a specialized team of civil engineers with years of experience that makes cost estimation and takeoffs of any project as quick as possible.

What Does A Painting Estimator Do?

As a painting estimator, it’s our job to provide detailed cost estimates to help you bid on residential and commercial painting projects. Our tasks include mapping structures and buildings understanding painting techniques and technologies for different types of homes, and taking into account various building details that can complicate the painting process. Our skilled painting estimators work with engineers and architects, use technology to verify and validate estimates, negotiate bids with subcontractors, provide feedback to field contractors and potential clients, and systematize these bids for future use.

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We have a highly qualified team of civil engineers with a background of years of experience in functional engineering and cost estimation. Our team:

  • Thoroughly analyze drawings and specifications.
  • Provides clear detailed quantity take-offs.
  • Has a strong eye for detail.
  • Has a solid, consistent work history.
  • Is able to maintain focus & deliver against deadlines; hold to commitments.
  • Is competent with technology & programs PlanSwift, Plan Grid, Building Connected & MS Office Suite, and Excel.

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We are fast and accurate. From simple to complex, we deliver all your construction takeoff needs with the help of our flexible billing process. We help you produce the best blueprints for your construction projects. You can count on us to work quickly and efficiently to get the job done.

How Do We Estimate A Paint Job?

Our professional cost estimators make it very easy for you when it comes to calculating the accurate cost of your painting project no matter if you have a one-room to paint or you are going to paint the whole house.

Our process of estimating the paint cost:

Step 1: Review the Plans

Step 2: Complete Painting Checklist Estimate

Step 3: Estimate the Cost of Materials

Step 4: Estimate Cost of Labor

Step 5: Estimate Cost of Overhead and Profit 

Step 6: Determine Your Markup

Step 7: Determine Final Painting Estimate

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Factors Affecting Painting Cost

As you know all painting jobs are different but there are a few factors that impact the cost of paint estimate for sure. These factors are as follows:

  • Areas to paint
  • Size of the room to paint
  • Number of rooms
  • Whether the ceiling is being painted
  • Sloped ceilings
  • Difficult-to-reach areas
  • Textured walls
  • Type of paint
  • Paint brand
  • Labor

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