What is Drywall Takeoff Services

Bidding Professionals LLC provides drywall takeoffs and cost estimation package including all the trades following CSI divisions. Drywall is the most important part of finishes while performing material takeoffs. Drywall cost estimates mainly include drywall material takeoff and pricing. It takes a lot of effort and experience to calculate accurate drywall takeoffs and cost estimation. Our dedicated drywall Takeoff make it possible with their hard work and experience-based estimation. The following image shows a segment of our drywall takeoffs showing the format we use and our detailed and accurate estimate.

Drywall Takeoff
Drywall Takeoff

Our Drywall Cost Estimates Include

  • Gypsum boards
  • gypsum board ceilings
  • ACT Ceilings
  • Insulation
  • Metal/wood studs
  • Tracks for studs
  • Drywall taping & mudding
  • Nails

Our Steps To A Drywall Estimate

Firstly, we measure the complete area of the project and separate the drywall area.

Secondly, we calculate the number of sheets of drywall we need to complete the entire project including a reasonable percentage for waste and mistakes to ensure job completion. Next we calculate the drywall tape to be used.

Thirdly, we calculate an accurate quantity of the items like Joint Compound, Drywall Screws, Corner Beads

Fourthly, we calculate labor and paint cost for drywall. Labor cost depends on the location, size and complexity of the project while paint cost depends on the number of gypsum board walls quantified in the project.


  • Finally, there are some miscellaneous items that need to be taken into account like  Damage, sandpaper, fees, permits, site repairs, and cleanup.


Drywall Takeoff

Estimating Drywall: The Quality Assurance we offer

The permanent clientele and the friendly environment that we provide speak for our quality assurance. Every drywall estimation team at Bidding Professionals is working under a team leader who closely and critically reviews the workflow of the trained estimators he/she leads. Bidding Professionals strives to improve the quality of work on a daily basis and believe in customer satisfaction by providing accurate and precise drywall costs estimates.

Drywall Cost Estimator: We Are The Right Choice

  1. We are well experienced in all types of commercial, residential and industrial building material takeoffs and cost estimation.
  2. We provide a complete package to our clients covering all the divisions.
  3. We are premium members of RSMeans and ConstructConnect.
  4. We are flexible working both offscreen and onscreen construction takeoffs using Bluebeam Revu.
  5. We offer free consultation as well as a free quote to our valuable customers.
  6. We meet short deadlines to allow customers to submit more bids on time.
  7. Our bid format is user friendly and allows the customer to alter any line items easily.
  8. We offer discounts to our regular clients and do one revision for free(T&C apply).
  9. Working with us on project basis helps the customer to save office and salary expenses of in-house estimators.
  10. Our prices are competitive and our regular discounts make us more cost efficient.

Our Drywall Estimate Portfolio

We have extensive experience in estimate drywall working on projects ranging from small single-family residential buildings to multi-million commercial projects. Our portfolio includes

  • Residential Projects
  • Commercial Projects
  • Industrial Projects
  • Government Projects
  • Institutional Projects
  • Renovation and Remodeling

Let Us Help You With Your Quotes & Drywall Estimates!

Drywall Takeoff

Upload Your Project Plans

You just have to upload the project plans on our contact us page or send them directly to us at thomas@biddingprofessionals.com. We receive all the formats of the project drawings.

Drywall Takeoff

Get A Quote

Our team of senior estimators will review the plans and prepare a reasonable quote for you including the project cost as well as the turnaround time.

Receive Estimate

The estimate will be delivered to you on the date mentioned in the proposal because we are never late. After delivery of the project, our support team will be available on the email anytime to answer all of your queries and make necessary changes in the project for you.

Our Service Areas

  • United States
    • New York, New Jersey, California, Utah, Illinois, Nebraska, Massachusetts, Washington D.C, Texas
  • International
  • England
  • Australia
  • New Zealand

Drywall Takeoff FAQs

How much do you charge for drywall takeoff?

Bidding Professionals LLC has been assisting GCs and subcontractors all across the nation for the last 8 years. We charge $25-$30 an hour for drywall estimating which includes a complete package of QTOs and cost estimation.

What is the scope of your drywall takeoff services?

Usually the scope of work is defined by the client. Generally, we do Drywall sheets, Gypsum wallboard, Gypsum board ceiling, Acoustic ceiling, Backing, Sheathing, Thermal insulation, Acoustic insulation, Drywall taping, Blocking, Joint tape, Joint Sealant, Bracings, Metal studs, etc in drywall takeoffs.

How detailed are your drywall takeoffs?

Drywall is one of the major divisions in any type of construction but most of the time, there are not enough line items to cover so we take off all the minor and major line items including each and everything to maximize the efficiency and profit of the contractor.

How do you ensure the accuracy of drywall takeoff?

Preparing accurate estimates is a lengthy process and it takes dedication and responsibility to ensure the accuracy of all types of takeoffs. While working in the industry for the last 8 years, we have prepared our own checklist for drywall estimates and we take off each and everything from the list. After the takeoff is complete, our senior estimator reviews the complete job at least two days prior to delivery to the client. If it is approved by the senior estimator then it is delivered to the client otherwise it is sent back to the estimation team for a revision. This process helps us to ensure accuracy.

How do we empower contractors to win more bids?

We have a well-experienced team of engineers, estimators, and accountants who do the complete analysis of changing market prices and optimize the prices to help contractors win more bids. We have our employees working on-site who get the actual market prices and compare them with RSMeans updated prices to get the best price for the customer according to zip code.

What documents and formats do we need to prepare the estimates?

For the estimate to be perfectly accurate, we need the complete project plans including specs, structural plans etc along with the scope of work. If the client has his/her own format then we work on that otherwise we have our own format which is highly detailed and easy to understand.

How long will the turnaround time be for drywall takeoff?

It completely depends on the size and complexity of the job but if the client needs to get a job done within a short deadline, we do that by doing that job on high priority. We engage more drywall costs estimators to get that job done.