How Bidding Professionals Helps You Win More Projects

We strive every bit to enable you to prevail more bids by delivering precise, accurate and low cost construction takeoffs. Bidding Professionals estimates are second to none in delivering accuracy and affordable pricing. Our construction estimating have the following core features.

We Deliver cost estimates According To Your Local Pricing

We optimize the pricing according to zip codes by incorporating RSMeans pricing with real-time labor productivity to maximize the contractor’s profit. We use RSMeans for local prices but we improvise the prices with a calculated factor of labor productivity. We carry out cost estimates according to the price of materials and resources in your local area.

Fast & Accurate Estimating & Takeoffs

We have a proficient team of civil engineers capable of delivering 50 projects every week. We can deliver cost estimates within 2 working days by engaging more estimators on high-priority projects. Our experts guarantee 100% factual construction estimating and takeoffs. Moreover, we use RSMeans for location-based pricing to get the best rates according to zip codes.

Proven & Most Promising Strategies

Most promising strategies which are sharpened over time are utilized by our well-trained estimators for quantity takeoffs. We use software like PlanSwift, Bluebeam, and OnScreen Takeoffs to prepare a detailed takeoff including each minor line item. We also deliver marked-up plans along with the estimate so the client can review the estimate himself.

Highly Accurate Construction Cost Database

We use RSMeans for project costing. RSMeans is a well-known platform that provides accurate labor and material cost according to the location of the project. We get competitive prices from the RSMeans database and optimize them with our own real-time cost consultant’s information.

Trades We Cover

Bidding Professionals provides quantity takeoffs and cost estimates to General & Sub contractors under following CSI trades:

Who Are Our Clients

Why Should You Outsource Your Takeoff Projects to Bidding Professionals

As per our experience, we discovered that it’s time-consuming and pricey for busy contractors and builders to get quicker, timely, and accurate estimates for their construction bidding projects. To come up with a solution Bidding Professionals proposes exceptional monthly packages to its uniform and frequent clients. So why not outsource your construction takeoff projects to us so you can concentrate on different parts of your business for faster growth.

Are you looking for authentic, faster, and cost-effective construction takeoff and estimating services? Do you want to reduce the cost of construction takeoffs and simply desire to bid on more projects? Then Bidding Professionals is the solution for all of your construction estimating needs. We can not only help you to bid on more projects but can also help you to win more bids and projects through our outstanding and affordable construction takeoffs.

At Bidding Professionals, our admiringly skilled and professional team of civil engineers is dedicated to working through your projects. They designed precise, painstaking, and easy-to-understand cost estimates that ultimately facilitate you to bid more and prevail more projects.


What Software Do We Utilize To Deliver You With Authentic & Accurate Estimates

We utilize the industry’s premium and top-rated software such as Bluebeam Revu, OnScreen takeoff, Kubla, PlanSwift, and RSMeans to deliver the most accurate takeoff services coupled with the most precise pricing based on the project’s location.

This is done following the strict policies set forth by The American Society of Professional Estimators as well as the American Association of Cost Engineers (AACE), to make sure we are delivering the most genuine and most up-to-date services to our valued clients.

Our Construction Takeoffs Are Especially Designed for General Contractors, Sub-Contractors, Home Builders, Architects, and Owners

At Bidding Professionals, our services are mainly aspired to benefit the busy general contractors, subcontractors, architects, owners, and builders. Our proficient team of civil engineers strives to deliver professional, most precise, and inexpensive estimating takeoffs regardless of the scope of the project whether it’s residential, commercial, or industrial.

How We Make A Difference

Bidding Professionals stood competitive within its competition in the industry. Our construction estimating possess the following features:

Premium Memberships

We hold premium memberships with ConstructConnect as well as RSMeans. We know that precision is the key to successful bidding, so our primary motivation is to sustain accuracy throughout the project, whether it is a residential, commercial, or industrial project.

Certified Estimators

Every contractor and owner likes to begin his project with an experienced and competent team of experts. If this is something you care about then we have highly capable cost estimators with diversified experience of many years in the takeoff industry.

Fastest Turnaround Time

To submit bids in a more timely manner, we meet our clients' requirements in a short time. Whenever our clients require a project to be completed on an urgent basis, we assign more estimators to that particular project. Our team of over 50 cost estimators allows us to handle more workloads and complete them in a shorter time frame.

Affordable Pricing

Our generous discounts, special offers, and top quality estimates set us apart from the competition and make us the most cost-effective choice. While delivering high-quality estimates, we propose very reasonable prices for all types of clients.

24/7 Customer Support

Do you have any questions or want to consult on your takeoff project? No need to worry! Our support team is available 24/7 to assist you with any questions or issues you may have.

No Contracts & No Set Up Fees

We don’t have any type of contract and set up fees when you start with us. All we need is the project plan and other important documents to send you our proposal for your review.

Free Quotes and Consultation

We offer FREE Consultation and FREE Quotes to our clients. We never charge for reviewing the projects. Feel free to contact us for consulting services. We would be very happy to help you with your issues and queries.

What We Offer to Our Clients

We provide highly accurate construction takeoffs to GCs covering all the trades in a CSI division-wise separated format. We also have subcontractors clientele which demands takeoff and cost estimation for specific trades. So we assist both GCs and subcontractors in preparing and submitting bids.

Bidding Professionals provide dedicated cost estimators for busy contractors. It includes in the monthly subscription that one of the cost estimators will only work on a single client’s estimates. It is cost-effective for a busy contractor and reduces the cost by almost 30 percent.

We offer consultation to our clients for the understanding of different takeoff software and construction estimating tools. We also broadcast the updates on changing material rates so the client knows how we should move on with an estimate. Along with the consultation, we also assist our clients in submitting their jobs via different platforms like ConstructConnect, Dodge, Planhub, and BuildingConnected.

We also provide preliminary construction estimates to developers so they get an idea about the project cost. So, they can apply for loans, do a cost analysis and hire contractors without compromising their profit. Preliminary estimates are mandatory for developers because they should have an idea about the project they want to work on.

Our Recent Work

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General Contractors:
General Contractors:

In a time span of more than 7 years, we experienced working with GCs, developers, architects, and project owners all across the nation, delivering turn-key estimates to them within their time frame. 

  • Imperial Gardens Apartment Homes - $28.2M
  • The Hub on Morgan - $3.9M
  • 3-Story Self Storage Facility - $9.7M
  • 1599 Columbus Ave - $12.3M

We have a vast clientele of all types of subcontractors like concrete, steel, painting, drywall, MEP, roofing, etc. We have a track record of delivering accurate estimates using the best-estimating software like BlueBeam, PlanSwift, RSMeans, etc.

  • O’Reilly Auto Parts - $936K
  • 1956 Jerome Ave - $4.2M
  • Fisher-Titus Medical Center - $1.04M
  • Panda Express – $896K
Material Suppliers:
Material Suppliers:

With our knowledge of estimating, we reach out to material suppliers as well. They utilise us in preparing material sheets and order lists. We help them calculate accurate material lists and save time while they deal with clients. 

  • Grand Villas of Clayton
  • Green County Animal Center
  • Metropolitan Multi-family Building
  • McDonald’s Restaurant

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