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Bidding Professionals provides quantity takeoffs and cost estimates to General & Sub contractors under following CSI trades:

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What Are Budget Estimate?

With 7 years of experience, Bidding Professionals guarantee accuracy in all types of budget estimate. We have the resources and expertise to produce accurate and precise quantity takeoffs within short deadlines. Once we determine the quantities, then we are ready to put our predetermined labor and material prices according to the zip code so you can present them to the stakeholders.

We can deliver the project within 24 hours in case of early submissions. We start working on the project immediately once we receive the project plans in CAD, DWG or PDF format. We never hand over the project to the client before our senior team reviews the project and makes the necessary additions and changes.

Preparing drawing for estimation

What's The Difference Between An Estimate And A Budget?

Cost Estimate and Budget Estimate are two different processes involving different procedures and both are essential for the complete construction planning process. The budget provides a complete overview of how much a project is estimated to cost including the complete project cost as well as the partial cost of each trade of the project scope. The budget should be within the available funds of the organization or stakeholders. On the other hand, cost estimates are the costs associated with the work packages within the project schedule. Cost estimates must include any assumptions made during the estimating process.

Types Of Budget Estimate

A budget estimate can be defined as a plan to spend money for a specific purpose or objective. Keeping the objectives in mind, cost budgeting estimate can be classified into following categories.
Cost Estimate:
It is simply an estimate of capital and expenditures.
Revenue Estimate:
It is an estimate of how much an organization can spend independently.
Business Activities:
It is an estimate of business volumes in terms of calls, emails, sales etc.
It is the return on investment and it defines the success or failure of a business model.
Identifying the risks involved in running a project. An ideal project has maximized profit with minimal risks.
Cash Flows:
It is the flow of money coming in and going out.

You Can Have A Budget Estimate Created For Any Of The Following Construction Areas:


Custom homes, apartment buildings and high-rise buildings.


Multi brands or Office buildings, banks and parking garages.


All types of Manufacturing, food processing and pharmaceutical.


Malls, strip malls and warehouse stores.


Rehab facilities, public or private educational institutes.

Assisted living

nursing homes.

Our Approach To Budget Estimating

Bidding Professionals LLC is a team of professionally trained project managers and cost estimators who strongly believe that an accurate estimate is essential for setting and controlling the cost of the project. Throughout the lifecycle of the project, the preliminary budget plays a vital role to reduce the losses during the construction. Budget estimating starts with a thorough overview of the design documents as well as the analysis of all the necessary steps involved in the complete construction cycle.

With the use of trustworthy platforms like RSMeans along with the diligence and experience of our construction cost estimators, we have developed an accurate cost database of materials and labor for all the major states of North America which helps us to provide the most accurate pricing as compared to our competitors.

Software We Use For Budget Estimates

Different software is used for different purposes:

Bluebeam Revu and Planswift are used for reading and marking the project plans.

RSMeans is used for cost analysis according to different states.

MS Excel is used to put the quantities and cost in and prepare the final file for the client.

Construction Cost Estimate By Percentage Of Hard Costs

Hard Cost Can Be Defined As The Cost Of Material And Labor. It Includes The Cost Of All The Materials To Be Used In The Construction Of A Project Covering All The Trades Like Concrete, Drywall, Masonry, Metals, Wood And Plastics And Demolition. Along With Material Cost, Hard Costs Also Include The Labor Cost And Productivity According To The Location Of The Project. Hard Costs Are Easy To Estimate And These Are The Major Portion Of A Budget Estimate.

Construction Budget Estimate By Percentage Of Soft Costs

Soft Costs Include Everything That Is Not Included In Hard Costs Like Permits, Builder’s Overhead And Profit, Site Surveys, Architect’s Fee, Mobilization Etc. Soft Costs Are Difficult To Calculate As Compared To Hard Costs. Bidding Professionals LLC Has The Expertise And Resources To Calculate Soft Costs As Well As Hard Costs With Accuracy.

Outsource Your Industrial Estimates To Us

We are available 24/7 to answer any of the clients query

We can meet short deadlines.

Our prices are affordable.

We can help our clients submit more bids on time.

Our post project support team is one of the best in the feild

Bidding Professionals has a team of 30+ experienced cost estimators which can handle large volumes of estimation jobs.

With the help of premium softwares like RSMeans and PlanSwift, we can ensure accuracy and error free estimates.

Let Us Help You With Your Quotes & Budget Estimates!

Upload Your Project Plans

You just have to upload the project plans on our contact us page or send them directly to us at thomas@biddingprofessionals.com. We receive all the formats of the project drawings.

Get A Quote

Our team of senior cost estimators will review the plans and prepare a reasonable quote for you including the project cost as well as the turnaround time.

Receive Estimate

The construction cost estimate will be delivered to you on the date mentioned in the proposal because we are never late. After delivery of the project, our support team will be available on the email anytime to answer all of your queries and make necessary changes in the project for you.

Who is Bidding Professionals?

Bidding Professionals is a New York based Construction Estimating Firm in the business of helping contractors prepare and win more bids.

Local pricing and accuracy of on-field labor productivity are imperative to win more projects so we help our clients prepare entire bids based on the zip codes and crew sizes.

Most contractors are so busy with their on-field tasks that they don’t have enough time to do the estimating. You’re supervising jobs, dealing with the suppliers, attending meetings, and the only time to work on estimating is NIGHTS AND WEEKENDS.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

How We Can Help You Win More Projects

professional construction estimator doing accurate estimating

“I need accurate estimates”
  -Every Contractor in America

We Have A Proficient Team Of Civil Engineers Capable Of Delivering 50 Projects Every Week. We Can Deliver Cost Estimates Within 2 Working Days By Engaging More Estimators On High-Priority Projects. Our Experts Guarantee 100% Factual Construction Estimating And Takeoffs. Moreover, We Use RSMeans For Location-Based Pricing To Get The Best Rates According To Zip Codes.

We optimize the pricing according to zip codes by incorporating RSMeans pricing with real-time labor productivity to maximize the contractor’s profit. We use RSMeans for local prices but we improvise the prices with a calculated factor of labor productivity. We carry out cost estimates according to the price of materials and resources in your local area.


“I have no time to estimate projects”
  -Nightmare of Every Contractor

The enemy of every contractor is the lack of time. Most contractors are busy working IN the business rather than working ON the business. If that’s the case, Bidding Professionals is here to help. We’ve worked with over 500 contractors nationwide helping them finding bid opportunities and submitting bids on time.

But you might be doing it yourself, working late at night after work and probably even on the weekends compromising family time. We’ll prepare your entire bid for you so you can focus on running your business and get your nights and weekends back.

Stop missing out on bids because of time.

Frustrated Contractor without a professional drywall estimator

100% Accuracy Guaranteed

Our Proven Strategies that makes us apart from the market

Bid Win Ratio

We have largest client retention rate due to our remarkable bid win ratios in major trades:

  • Steel = 55%
  • Sitework = 72%
  • Drywall = 87%
  • Concrete = 45%
  • Other Trades = 30%
Working Weekends on Demand!

Most of the time, subcontractors have to meet short deadlines submitting bids to the General Contractors. We, as an estimating team, try to make sure that our clients do not miss a single bid opportunity and our team of experienced estimators make it possible by:

  • Working overtime
  • Working on the weekends
  • Engaging more estimators on a single estimating job
  • All this without compromising the quality of work through detailed critical evaluation of the estimate
Hierarchical Project Reviewal

Our proven strategies enable us to achieve these results. Visual representation of our hierarchical project reviewal.

Budget Estimate FAQs