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Armed with the latest technology and a team of skilled home building cost estimators, Bidding Professionals is the most competitive in providing detailed home building cost estimates that are well suited to meet the needs of contractors, public adjusters, restoration contractors, attorneys, and independent adjusters across the United States.

Our home building cost estimator focus on providing accurate cost estimates and material takeoffs with a fast turnaround time. With years of experience in the cost estimating industry, we utilize a blend of RSMeans combined with our field experience to determine the price for each element based on your project location.

Home Building Cost Estimator

Best Quality Home Construction Cost Estimates and Takeoffs Are Our Benchmark

House Building Cost Estimator

How Do We Enable Busy Contractors To Win More Bids for Their Construction Projects

At Bidding Professionals, we offer home builder cost estimating services specifically designed for general contractors and subcontractors. With years of experience in the construction industry, we know exactly what a construction project entails.

We understand that contractors are some of the busiest people around and that they need quick turnaround home building estimates. Our highly skilled house building estimator always strive to achieve accurate bid estimates, which help you maximize profits throughout your construction project.

Our home building cost estimating packages and discount offers set us apart from the competition. If you are looking for high-quality home building cost estimates at amazing prices, then Bidding Professionals should be your ultimate choice.

We Are Specialized With Home Renovations and Remodeling Cost Estimates

As being a leading company in preparing precise home cost estimates, we know home renovation and remodeling projects have their complexity and challenges for contractors and home builders. But our highly skilled home building cost estimators have made it easy to get you the accurately priced estimates. Our home building cost estimator begin estimating your project right after we receive your project plans and drawings because we know a quick delivery is really important so that you can negotiate with your clients promptly.

Home Renovation Cost Estimator

What Makes Us The Best Choice To Get You The Detailed House Building Cost Estimates and Quantity Takeoffs

Premium Membership

We are a premium member of the American Society of Professional Estimators, RSMeans, and ConstructConnect. Our house cost estimators have all the quality software and estimating systems in place, as well as highly trained estimators, which ensures accuracy throughout the project, whether it is a simple house or a highly complex residence.

Dedicated Certified Cost Estimators

You will be working with professionally trained cost estimators at Bidding Professionals. Our house cost estimators are highly trained with years of field experience and they are capable of delivering detailed, accurate, and quick home cost estimators based on your project location.

Inexpensive Cost Estimates and Takeoffs

Our house cost estimates and takeoffs are accurate, detailed, and cost-effective. We have various types of packages and discount offers for you which makes us an affordable option among the competition. Email us or call on our number to get a free no commitment quote for your construction project.

Who Are Our Clients

general contractors - home building cost estimator

General Contractors

We greatly help general contractors to get precise and quick home building cost estimates and material take-offs so that they can negotiate with their clients in a timely manner.

Sub Contractors

We also have served hundreds of sub-contractors with detailed home cost estimators and take-offs for rebar estimates, drywall estimates, concrete estimates, site work estimates, etc.

Home Building Cost Estimator Services

Investors & Developers

We also greatly help investors and developers to get preliminary home construction cost estimates and budget estimates for their large and highly complex projects so they could make an informed decision.

House Building Cost Estimate

Architects & Designers

We have a solid track record in assisting architects and designers throughout their design process to help them stay on the right track and to ensure that everything is within the budget.

Home Construction Cost Estimating for House Owners

Owners and Builders

Bidding Professionals prepares detailed house construction cost estimates and material takeoffs for owners and builders which enable them to work with the right kind of contractors.

What Is A Home Building Cost Estimator?

A home building cost estimator is an individual or a group of people who read the home building plans/drawings and calculate the type and the amount of materials required to build the specific home. The calculation of materials in terms of type and amount is called the quantity takeoffs. After quantity takeoffs, we have to calculate the amount of money required for the purchase of material along with the labor cost. This process of calculating the cost is called home cost estimation. This complete procedure is done by a home building cost estimator.

Process of Home Construction Cost Estimation

The first step in the process of house cost estimating is to go through the project plans thoroughly and check if the concerned estimate is a budget estimate or a design estimate. In the second step, the home cost estimator mark the plans on Bluebeam Revu which is a software used to calculate the home quantity takeoffs. The third step is the cost estimation in which we calculate the cost of each corresponding line item using RSMeans. RSMeans is an online platform by which we can get the changing market prices of construction materials. Home cost estimator get the prices of labor and materials along with the productivity of the labor from RSMeans. The detailed home building cost estimation is performed with everything broken down to show each minor detail to the client. The site estimate is performed in the first step covering each and every small details. In a home building cost estimation, we calculate the estimate of foundation/concrete and drywall. Then takeoff the complete building step by step. The final file includes the complete material takeoff along with the material and labor prices and it is presented to the client in a well organized and our self designed format.

What Is Included In Our House Building Cost Estimates?

In a general perspective, quantity takeoffs (the materials to be used in home building) and cost estimation (cost of the materials required to build the house) is included in a home cost estimator. In a descriptive perspective, quantity takeoffs include concrete, drywall, masonry, wood and plastics, framing and painting. While house cost estimation includes the cost of the materials along with 5% waste, cost of labor and labor productivity. The aggregate of these is calculated and mentioned as a unit cost corresponding to every line item.

Home Building Cost Estimator: Software we use

Different softwares are used for different purposes: Bluebeam Revu and Planswift are used for reading and marking the project plans. RSMeans is used for cost analysis according to different states. MS Excel is used to put the quantities and cost in and prepare the final file for the client.

Scope We Are Expert At

We are a leading platform in home building cost estimating and Quantity Estimation, responsive team of civil engineers having 4+ years of experience in National and international construction. The scope we cover includes the projects of SCA (School Construction Authority) and all types of residential, commercial and government projects. We cover trades like Roofing, Concrete, Drywall, Masonry, rough carpentry, Metals, Wood and plastics, thermal and moisture and demolition. We don’t cover MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) because it is accurately calculated by the respective subcontractors.

How Do We Serve Our Clients

Clients are the backbone of every business. To make a business successful, one has to serve each and every need of the client. We, at Bidding Professionals, try to serve our clients in every possible way whether it is pre-order questioning or post-project support. We also update our clients during the project with necessary RFI’s and daily progress reports. Moreover, our home building cost estimating services offer discounts to our regular clients to help them get high-quality home building cost estimates at an affordable cost. We try to be flexible with the bid format we use and can work on the client’s specified format also.

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Factors Affecting House Building Cost

Home building cost mainly depends upon the following factors:

1. Location Of The Project

Depending on the location of the project, home construction costs can increase or decrease. Wetlands, conflicting utilities, poor soil conditions, infected materials, overhead lines, river or stream crossings, ground water, buried storage tanks, endangered species habitat, and archaeological sites are some of the conditions that influence the cost of a home building estimate. The location of the site will also affect the overall expense. For instance, if you are building your house in a high value area, you will most likely want to construct a high value property that will be more expensive than putting up a low value property in an average or low value area.

2. Materials Required In The Construction Process

Are the raw materials required in the construction process available in close proximity to construction site? If they are within easy reach of the site, the cost of home building construction will be low, but if they are available at farther distance from the site, then you will have to spend more money for transportation.

3. Choice of Architect

The experienced professionals will meticulously follow the construction process and ensure that everything is done perfectly. The motive behind their superior attention is to protect their brand. This means that if you hire a reputable professional, you will perhaps have to splurge more money .

4. Labor Costs and Productivity

The amount of money that you pay to the labor working on the site fluctuates from one state to another. Usually, the labor costs are found to be more in the urban areas as compared to the rural areas due to the fact that the cost of living is much higher in the urban areas. Along with labor cost, productivity of labor also affects the home building cost. A productive labor ensures the value for money .

5. Project Schedule

The time that the contractor is expected to finish the job greatly affects the house building cost estimates. An unpredicted delay in project duration raises the construction costs due to increase in indirect costs .

Indeed, Bidding Professionals stands out as favorably competitive among the other construction estimating services where you get premium quality and amazingly priced cost estimating services all under one roof.

Trades We Cover

Bidding Professionals provides quantity takeoffs and home building cost estimator services to General & Sub contractors under following CSI trades:

Our Recent Work

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construction estimating services

Feingold Residence

This was a residential project and client's demand was concrete takeoffs for site and building. We calculated concrete for both building and site, also provided him the quantities for concrete shoring walls. In concrete, we calculated quantity of concrete in cubic yards, quantity for rebar in pounds, quantity of formwork in SFCA and excavation backfill in cubic yards

cost estimation & material takeoff service

McCain Center

This was a commercial project and client's demand was concrete and painting takeoffs for site and building. We calculated concrete and painting for both building and site, also provided him the quantities for concrete shoring walls. In concrete, we calculated quantity of concrete in cubic yards, quantity for rebar in pounds, quantity of formwork in SFCA and excavation backfill in cubic yards

Estate of Aqualina

The Estates of Aqualina

It was a Steel Structure comprising of Twin Towers getting constructed at Florida. We provide the complete quantity takeoffs and cost estimation to the client, including all the trades except Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing.


Claiborne at Gulfport

This was one of the biggest projects we did. The client's demand was lumber takeoffs for site and building. We calculated lumber for both building and site, also provided him the estimated cost for this.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cheapest type of house to build?

Generally defined as houses with square footage between 100 and 400 square feet, tiny houses are typically the cheapest kinds of houses to build. That said, fitting your everyday needs into a tiny space often takes some custom work, so there may still be some costs to the custom cabinetry and custom fixtures required.

Is a concrete house cheaper to build?

New studies reveal that concrete-based construction is less expensive than wood. Two key studies have been released this year that both point to concrete as a very competitive alternative to wood-frame construction methods in terms of both building costs and insurance.

What are the three basic types of home building cost estimating?

Nonetheless, three types of cost estimation are classified according to their scope and accuracy. These are (1) order of magnitude estimate; (2) budget estimate; and (3) definitive estimate.

What does it cost per square foot in home building cost estimation?

Cost per square foot depends upon some key factors like location, labor rates, labor productivity, and complexity of the project. Combining all these factors, we can calculate the cost per square foot for any type of house construction.

How much does it cost to build a house from the ground up?

To build a house from scratch, we need a thorough examination of each and everything from soil report to labor productivity to better understand the cost. In the home building cost estimation of a new house, we need to cover all the divisions to get a detailed estimate and an accurate cost.

What is the best estimating software for home building cost estimation?

There is plenty of software available in the market which can help to calculate a precise house building cost estimation like Bluebeam Revu, PlanSwift, RSMeans, and many more. Depending on the requirements, home building cost estimator can use any of them.