Bidding Professionals LLC provide a complete takeoffs and cost estimation package including all the trades following CSI divisions. CSI Division 04 00 00 Masonry includes a complete set of masonry materials like CMU walls, utility bricks, masonry restoration etc. Masonry Estimator Services mainly include masonry material takeoff and pricing. It takes a lot of effort and experience to calculate accurate masonry takeoffs and cost estimation. Our dedicated masonry estimators make it possible with their hard work and experience based estimation and provide highly accurate and precise masonry estimates. Following image shows a segment of our drywall takeoffs showing the format we use and our detailed and accurate estimate.

masonry estimating

The Range Of Masonry Estimates Services

With practical knowledge of trained professionals and years of experience, Bidding Professionals is groomed enough to deliver timely and accurate masonry estimation services to a wide range of clients like General Contractors, Masonry Contractors, vendors, home builders, architects etc. We provide an extensive range of masonry estimation services like Quantity takeoffs, Design estimates, Budget estimates, Bidding assistance, Restoration estimates and Masonry consulting.

Get Our Services For Perfect & Accurate Masonry Estimation

  • Upload Your Project Plans

    You just have to upload the project plans on our contact us page or send it directly to us at We receive all the format of the project drawings.
  • Get A Quote

    Our team of senior estimators will review the plans and prepare a reasonable quote for you including the project cost as well as the turnaround time.
  • Receive Estimate

    The estimate will be delivered to you on the date mentioned on the proposal because we are never late. After delivery of the project, our support team will be available on the email anytime to answer all of your queries and make necessary changes in the project for you.


Preparation Of Masonry Estimator

  • Project Overview
    The first step in any type of estimation is a detailed overview of the project and identifying the trades according to the scope of the project. 
  • Importing to Bluebeam
    In the second step, the project is imported to Bluebeam Revu which is used to perform marking using flags. Marking is the most important part in any type of material takeoffs. Accurate marking ensures accurate takeoffs.
  • Identify Masonry Works
    In the final step, masonry work has been identified on Bluebeam Revu and marking and flagging is performed which provides an accurate masonry takeoff. The quantities obtained are put in an excel spreadsheet in an organized format for the client to understand and review. Pricing is calculated using RSMeans.


What is Include in Our Masonry TakeOff The CSI Division 04 00 00 is about Masonry and includes all the masonry takeoffs from Stone Masonry to CMU Walls. It has the following sections:

  • Maintenance of Masonry
  • Unit Masonry
  • Stone Assemblies
  • Refractory Masonry
  • Corrosion-Resistant Masonry
  • Manufactured Masonry