Construction Estimating Services

What is Construction Cost Estimating Services

While providing Construction Cost Estimating Services, we start with reading the building drawings/plans and calculate the type and the amount of materials required to build the specific building. The calculation of materials in terms of type and amount is called the quantity takeoffs. After calculating the quantity takeoffs, we calculate the cost of material as well as labor to be used in the construction phase. We get these numbers with a combination of paid services like RSMeans as well as the calculation of our experienced field engineers. They calculate the on-field productivity of the labor and the calculated numbers are put in an excel spreadsheet in an organized format and delivered to the client. 

What is Construction Cost Estimating Services

Our Process of Construction Cost Estimating

The process of cost estimating is simple. Once we have the quantity takeoffs then we are ready for cost estimation. We calculate the cost of each and every corresponding line item using RSMeans. RSMeans is a highly accurate construction cost database by which we can get the changing market prices of construction materials. Estimators get the prices of labor and materials along with the productivity of the labor from RSMeans. Additionally, our field engineers get the onfield productivity of the labor and calculate the real life productivity to increase the profit margin of the contractor. The detailed estimate is performed with everything broken down to show each minor detail to the client. The site estimate is performed in the first step covering each and every small details.

Different Types of Estimates

  • 1. Budget Estimate:

    Budget estimate is generally prepared in initial stages to calculate the approximate cost of the project. Budget estimate, also called as preliminary cost estimate, is calculated after comparison with a similar project while keeping small details in mind. The cost of each line item mentioned exclusively helps to prepare a detailed estimate efficiently.

  • 2. Cube Rate Cost Estimate:

    In this type of estimate, the estimator calculates the cube rate of each and every line item after determining the covered area of the project. The cube rate is dependant on the location of the project, labor rate in the specific state and the productivity of the labor.

  • 3. Supplementary Cost Estimate:

    Supplementary cost estimate is also a detailed estimate which is prepared when the project plans are updated with additional work demands. It consists of the last detailed estimate as well as the additional detailed estimate for which sanction is required.

  • 4. Detailed Cost Estimate:

    After the approval of preliminary estimates, the owner of the project is ready to receive the detailed cost estimates from the bidders. This is the most accurate, well organized and competitive type of estimate. Each and ever trade is broken down in all the required items of work and calculated separately. The cost of each item is calculated with the help of online contruction cost databases with 3% to 5% contingencies added as miscellaneous expenditures.

  • 5. Revised Cost Estimate:

    Revised cost estimate is also a type of detailed estimate and it is prepared if there is a significant difference in the sanctioned value and the estimated value of the project. The difference may occur due to changing market rates of material or transportation. The reason to revise the estimate is usually mentioned at the end of the revision.

Why Choose Bidding Professionals

We have a team of 30+ experienced estimators which can handle large volume of estimation jobs at a time.
We can help our clients submit more bids on time.
We can meet short deadlines.
Our prices are affordable.
With the help of premium softwares like RSMeans and PlanSwift, we can ensure accuracy and error free estimates.
We are available 24/7 to answer any of the client’s queries.
Our post project support team is one of the best in the field.

We Offer Cost Estimating Services To:

Cost Estimating Services contracter

General Contractors and Subcontractors:

We provide cost estimation and quantity takeoff services to General Contractors and Subcontractors covering each and every trade. Location specific material and labor pricing data helps us make accurate estimates for Subcontractors and General Contractors.

Architects and Designers:

We are capable of reading schematic designs and prepare design estimates for architects and designers. We are well experienced with all types of residential, commercial and industrial delivering accurate design estimates to our clients.

Other Offers:

  • Dedicated Construction Estimator:
  • Monthly Construction Estimating Packages For Busy Contractors and Estimators:
  • Consultation and Bid Filing:

We provide a dedicated construction estimator depending on the trades requirement of the contractor for both types of onscreen and offscreen construction takeoffs and estimation. The estimator can be hired on an hourly basis or on project basis. The accuracy of the estimate and quality of work has never been compromised at Bidding Professionals. 

Our monthly construction estimation package works best for busy contractors who doesn't have time for the expenses and management of in-house estimation team. Our monthly package helps the contractor to save both time and money by at least 50%. Outsourcing to us can help you submit more bids on time which will ultimately increase the chances to win more projects. With a team of more than 50 estimators, you can get all services under one roof with no headache of project delay and management issues.

We provide all kinds of free consultation to help our clients get a good idea about construction estimation, all takeoff trades and managing budget. Not only the consultation but we also provide suggestions to flourish your business profile in respective trade as a contractor and help you generate more leads for your business.

Construction Cost Estimating Services

  • Commercial Estimating:

    Commercial estimating and takeoffs require high accuracy and experienced estimators due to its complexity. Our commercial estimates are well organized and accurate while keeping in mind the client's demands. Our in-depth knowledge of commercical estimating makes us a good competitor of big estimation companies. However, our affordable cost makes us better. We have delievered accurate commercial estimation projects from $10 to several hundred million satisfying our client's demands. We have prepared competitive bids for Commercial Contractors, GC's and Commercial Developers.

  • Residential Estimating:

    Our dedicated estimators at Bidding Professionals have served several residential estimators and project owners catering their estimating demands. All types of projects from small single family residence to multi storey residential building are being served at Bidding Professionals. Along with new residential projects, all types of renovation and remodeling cost estimation is also done by us.

  • Industrial Estimating:

    Our estimation team ensures accuracy. Each and every necessary detail is mentioned corresponding to each line item. All kinds of industrial projects from small units to complex production plans are being catered at Bidding Professionals LLC. We have extensive experience in preparing estimates for Oil & Gas, Chemical Production Plants, Pipeline, Co-Generation, Water and Power Treatment Plants. Along with all the industrial estimation, our portfolio also includes accurate estimation of highways and roads.

  • Construction Estimating Services for Public Sector:

    Bidding Professionals also provide highly accurate construction estimates to contractors associated with the public sector. Comprehensive estimates with detailed description of line items are delivered to the contractors within specified time frame and we categorized trades by CSI division. We have extensive experience working on projects contracted with various public agencies such as: NYC SCA PA of NY and NJ DDC DASNY EDC DOT Transit Authority DOS DEP

Our Construction Cost Estimator and Material Takeoffs:

We provide Cost Estimation and Quantity Takeoff services to GC’s, subcontractors and Construction companies covering trades like:

Why Outsource Estimating?

Many of our clients don’t have enough time to do cost estimation themselves or manage in-house estimation so they outsource the estimation work to the companies like ourself to better focus on other office and field work. An ill managed in-house estimation team can cost short term and long term losses so it is better to hire someone like Bidding Professionals which can prepare accurate estimates within deadlines. Contractors can submit more bids on time without compromising on the accuracy of the bid. Contractor just need a few minutes to review the final file and you are ready to go. The complete bid along with the marked plans is delivered by our dedicated estimation team within the time frame. Outsourcing to us can save your time and money by almost 50%.

Benefits of Working With Us

Softwares We Use

Different softwares are used for different purposes:

Bluebeam Revu and Planswift are used for reading and marking the project plans.

RSMeans is used for cost analysis according to different states.

MS Excel is used to put the quantities and cost in and prepare the final file for the client.


Our Service Areas

  • United States
    • New York, New Jersey, California, Utah, Illinois, Nebraska, Massachusetts, Washington D.C, Texas
  • International
  • England
  • Australia
  • New Zealand


Our charges depend on the size and complexity of the project plans. Roughly speaking, we charge $20-30 an hour. Most of the time, we are giving discounts to our new as well as the regular customers.

Construction cost per SF depends on a few factors:
1) State in which the project is located
2) Labor rate in the state
3) Material rates in that state
4) Labor productivity

In all types of construction estimation, no matter how detailed our estimates are, there are always a few minor things left. Some on purpose and some unintentionally. After the construction starts, there are a few missing things in the estimate which the contractor has to figure out. These are just a few minor things but all the essential and necessary details are taken off in an accurate estimate. 

We need the project plans in pdf or dwg format as well as the scope on which we have to do the takeoff and we are ready. There may be a few RFIs during the project so we need immediate answers to our queries to avoid any delays.

Turnaround time completely depends on the size and complexity of the project. It may be completed in a single day or requires a few weeks to complete. But we can meet short deadlines by engaging more estimators to a single project. It will increase the cost but the project will be done precisely and on time.

We have signed NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement) with a few clients. Whether or not NDA is signed, we keep the files and information of the client completely confidential.

We don’t charge for reviewing the plans. It is completely free of cost with no hidden charges. Once we review the plans, then we prepare a reasonable and affordable quote for the client. If he/she agrees then we charge them and start working on the project.

We receive payments via an invoicing system integrated with Bank of America. We also receive direct bank transfer and support payment platforms like skrill, wise etc.

  1. 1. We are well experienced in all types of commercial, residential and industrial building material takeoffs and cost estimation.
    2. We provide complete package to our clients covering all the divisions.
    3. We are premium members of RSMeans, ConstructConnect and American Society of Professional Estimators(ASPE).
    4. We are flexible working both offscreen and onscreen construction takeoffs using Bluebeam Revu.
    5. We offer free consultation as well as a free quote to our valuable customers.
    6. We meet short deadlines to allow customers to submit more bids on time.
    7. Our bid format is user friendly and allows the customer to alter any line items easily.
    8. We offer discounts to our regular clients and do one revision for free(T&C apply).
    9. Working with us on project basis helps the customer to save office and salary expenses of in-house estimators.
    10. Our prices are competitive and our regular discounts make us more cost efficient.