Our Fees

We charge very competitive rates that are sure to save you money on your estimation costs.

There are two pricing models available:

  • Per hour pricing
  • Per project pricing

We prefer per project pricing model because it is more transparent for you. You know exactly how much estimation will cost you before we actually start executing it.

After receiving and reviewing the project specs and plans, we anticipate how many man hours we shall spend to carry out the takeoffs and/or cost estimate. Based on that we quote you a lump sum per project estimating fees. Estimation fee depends on size, complexity, number of trades involved and turn-around time of the project.

Some of our clients like to see the fee for each trade separately so we can break it down as per their requirement.

However, if you are interested in per hour pricing then we can also quote you accordingly.

There will NEVER be any Hidden cost… EVER.

There are three aspects of business that ensure long term relationship with the customer;

  • Quality – is the essence of our estimates and it is never compromised.
  • Time – is money so you will find us very responsive and swift in preparing your bid.
  • Cost – is liability for our customer therefore we quote very competitive rates. These are internet times which allow us to stay virtual, keep our costs  down and pass this benefit on to our customers.

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