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Some Glimpses of Our Work

PDF Markups
pdf markups of construction for contractors
Kubla Cubed
Using kubla cubed for construction estimate
Excel Spreadsheet
using excel spreadsheet for construction estimating
Steel Markups
Structural Steel Takeoff Markups
Concrete Markups
Markups designs
Drywall Markups

Our Project List

Crossings at South Park – Louisville, KY

Howard Johnson Yarmouth, MA

Learning Zone Clarksville

Cobblestone Hotel and Suites

Harriet’s Hope

Valhalla Bar & Grill

Tidal Wave Auto Spa

Lockert Place

31 Karen Road Waban, MA

Home Goods

Vanhoy Residence

Liberty Park

JFK Terminal One


Self Storage Facility-Mount Kisco, NY

Cauldwell Wingate

Nyack UFSD

450W15st NY

Starbucks Shell Building Austin, TX

BEL Bell Crossing

1627 Fort Campbell Blvd

733 Portland Ave

2 Bat Laurel Lane

Spring Creek Parkway


Preacher’s Ridge Building

Quincy Bus Maintenance Facility

K2 Development Office SIte

1956 Jerome Ave, Bronx NY

5-7 Gorham St

Heritage Trace

Super Car Wash

North Broadway Facade Replacement

Challenge Preparatory Charter School

Evergreen Charter School

Gellert and Solokov Residence

LG Electronics

Meadow Branch Wheel wash

Florence Multi-family

510 Gates NY

Lakeshore Commons Townhomes Oak Creek

Rumpke Maintenance Garage

Joplin Packaging, Missouri

Spa Store

Walker Farms

Dutch Brothers

Estate Lot 21

Howell Residence

4519 White Plains Road

Guthrie Store

Herbert Irving Pavilion

CBH – Longhorn