Sitework Estimating

Sitework Estimating Services

Bidding Professionals LLC possesses the expertise to provide complete takeoffs and cost estimation package including all the trades following CSI divisions. CSI Division 31 00 00 Siteworks includes a complete set of site works materials like retaining walls, pavers, fences, concrete pads etc. Siteworks Estimating Services mainly include sitework material identification, marking, takeoff and pricing. Our sitework estimating team has the ability and experience to calculate accurate siteworks takeoffs and cost estimation. Our dedicated sitework estimators make it possible with their diligence and experience-based estimation and provide highly accurate and precise estimates. On this page, You can see an image that shows a segment of our siteworks takeoffs sheet showing the format we use and our detailed and accurate estimate.

We Can Produce This For You:

Our sitework estimates are well organized and accurate enough to boost the chances to win the project. Our own estimate format is organized and easy-to-understand. Our deliverables include a spreadsheet with:

  • Accurate material quantities

  • Labor Prices

  • Material Prices

  • Unit Cost for each line item

  • Overhead & Profit of the Bidder

  • Marked plans in pdf

Our Range Of Sitework Estimating Services

With practical knowledge of trained professionals and years of experience, Bidding Professionals is groomed enough to deliver timely and accurate sitework estimating services to a wide range of clients like General Contractors, Sitework Contractors, vendors, home builders, architects etc. We provide an extensive range of sitework estimating services like

1. Quantity takeoffs & Cost Estimates:

Quick, accurate and precise Preliminary Estimates, Conceptual Estimates, Budget Estimates, and Bid Estimates

2. Sitework Feasibility Analysis:

Earthwork analysis and cut/fill volumes using trustworthy software

Land Development Consultation

3. Land Development Consultation:

Suggestions and assistance on budgeting and controlling costs

4. Bidding Assistance

Bid comparisons, reviews, and consultation on bids

5. Estimating Assistance

Estimating Assistance in all phases of construction

Site Improvement Estimating Services

A construction project – be it residential or commercial is not complete without the provision of hard pavements, sidewalks and landscapes in its surroundings. Supplement to it, the utility pipes to or from the building or dwelling also run underground from this part of the project. Keeping the above assertions in mind, site improvement is imperative to the success of the project and if the work to be performed on site is not accurately estimated in the pre-construction stage this critical part of the project may have grave implications on the success of the project. It is said you need not worry about the preparation of the estimate for site improvement works because Bidding Professionals has got you covered.

Bidding Professionals have been providing quantity takeoff and cost estimating services for site works i.e. pavements, earthwork, utilities and landscaping for more than seven years.

Earthwork Volumes & Site Material Takeoffs

Bidding Professionals LLC specializes in earthwork volumes and complete site work takeoffs. Since 2015, we have worked on more than 500 site work estimation projects covering each and every line item and utilizing the best software like Bluebeam Revu and Planswift. Our diligent estimators help the clients to win more bids with our accurate estimation and bidding assistance.

Save Time & Money

No matter how big a company is, budget is always a major concern for a business. We can help our client save money and time outsourcing the estimation jobs to us. An average in-house estimator charges $20-30/hr in the USA while we charge a fixed amount of $20/hr along with expert advice and experienced estimators. We can quantify the complete scope as required by the client with great accuracy and within a specified time frame and never miss a deadline.

EstimatingBudgeting with our Sitework Estimating


In the construction industry, estimating and budgeting is the most important step which can result in heavy losses or remarkable profits. Bidding Professionals LLC has a reputation of delivering profitable budgeting for all types of residential, commercial and industrial projects. It keeps the project under budget as well as on schedule.

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