Construction Cost Consultants

Project Management & Construction Cost Consultants

The Project Management Team at Bidding Professionals LLC provides a wide range of services to reduce the technical and financial risks of the project.

The PM consultant creates and promotes a safe environment, simplifies the project implementation, and ensures that
quality and value on the project budget are delivered on schedule.

Construction Cost Consultants
Stages of Cost Plan Construction Cost

Stages of Cost Plan

Types of construction cost consultants in the construction industry

Types of construction cost consultants completely depend on the nature of the task. Different types of construction estimating consultants are allocated on a single project in different phases. Cost consultants are professional individuals or companies who help the clients to run a project successfully. Construction cost consultancy services might include:

Construction estimating services

Construction Cost Consultants: Software We Use

Different software are used for different purposes in construction cost  Consultants:

Bluebeam Revu and Planswift are used for reading and marking the project plans.

RSMeans is used for cost analysis according to different states.

MS Excel is used to put the quantities and cost in and prepare the final file for the client.

International Standards we follow

  • AASHTO – American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials

  • ACI – American Concrete Institute

  • ASTM – American Society for Testing and Materials

  • CRSI – Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute

  • RSIO – Reinforcing Steel Institute of Ontario

International Standards for Construction Cost
Cost Planning and Estimates

Construction Cost Consultants Planning and Estimates

Bidding Professionals LLC is determined to provide reliable cost estimates for projects in their entirety, so our clients are able to make sound financial decisions which leads to good profits ultimately.

Construction Cost Consultants Support

Construction Cost Consultants: Pre-Contract Support

Bidding Professionals LLC is dedicated to serving clients in all possible ways. Before we seal a deal, we have a thorough discussion about the client’s requirements and we provide some valuable suggestions(if the client is open to it) as well as a quotation to do the project and this complete process is free of cost. As soon as we seal a deal, then we have the right to charge the client accordingly.

Construction Cost Consultants Support

Construction Cost Consultants: Post-Contract Support:

Our process of takeoff and estimation is smooth and straightforward. As soon as the estimators finish the project, they forward it to the senior team for review. After the final review, we request the final payment from the client and deliver the final file. Once the project is delivered, our post-contract support team comes in contact with the customer and they are well trained in answering any queries and making any necessary changes in the delivered estimate. There is no cost for complete post-contract support.

Construction Cost Consultants

Construction Cost Consultant Services: What we offer

A diligent and dedicated team of construction cost Consultants working at Bidding Professionals LLC allows the company to offer a wide range of services to our customers covering all the aspects of cost estimation. Following are some of the takeoff services we provide.

Building surveying for Construction Cost Consultants

Building surveying

Our building surveyor specialists provide professional advice on pre and post-construction procedures based on their experience. We believe in building a friendly relationship with our clients to help them in each and every process. We work in almost all the major states of the USA and our clientele includes subcontractors, GC’s, material suppliers, developers and architects and our services are expanded to all types of industrial, commercial and residential projects. We are dedicated to providing the best professional advice to enable our clients to make confident decisions on all technical aspects of acquisition, development, ownership and occupation.

Our Service Areas

  • United States
    • New York, New Jersey, California, Utah, Illinois, Nebraska, Massachusetts, Washington D.C, Texas
  • International
  • England
  • Australia
  • New Zealand

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a construction cost consultant do?

A construction cost consultant plays a crucial role in optimizing the bids for any type of project. Whether it is a GC or subcontractor, everyone needs a cost consultant who makes accurate bids for them and helps them maximize the profit. A construction cost consultant works on the updated material and labor prices in a particular area and integrates the prices with productivity to get them optimized according to zip codes.

How much do you charge for construction cost consulting?

Bidding Professionals LLC has been assisting GCs and subcontractors all across the nation for the last 8 years. We charge $25-$30 an hour for construction cost consulting services along with a complete package of QTOs and cost estimation.

How does a construction cost consultant work?

A construction estimating consultant has to work on-site and off-site simultaneously. He/She has to keep an eye on the change in prices of materials as well as of labor in a particular area. On the other hand, he/she has to observe the on-site behavior of labor to get an idea about the actual productivity. So, cost consultants have a tough job getting the information on-site as well as from the internet.

Do you offer special pricing to your consistent clients?

We have occasional promotional offers for our consistent clients offering them discounts for their coming projects. Our consistent clients also have the opportunity to utilize our dedicated cost estimator service to get their projects done in time without even paying for every job.

Do I need to visit your office for this service?

All our clients are always welcome to visit our office in Rochester City, NY but in this digital world, we have put all our services online. Our clients can contact us anytime while sitting in their office and all the work will be delivered to their desk.

How much experience do you have in construction cost Consultants?

We have been in the construction industry for the last 8 years and we have provided cost consultancy services from the very beginning.