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Our experienced estimators are just one call away. We can be reached on +1 (585)-257-8306 and one of the estimator will attend to your needs. Alternately send us an email on thomas@biddingprofessionals.com with your project plans/drawings or any of your specific questions. We aim to respond within 2 hours of receiving your request.

Less overhead, fewer personnel, bid more work, and ability to tap deep expertise

Business Expansion are some of the benefits you will get by outsourcing your estimating needs to Bidding Professionals.

This a whole different economy that we are in and it will not be changing. By outsourcing your estimation needs, you only pay when you need us!

Companies are finding that they can keep overhead low and employee benefits down by outsourcing to companies that specialize in one thing and have the tools to do so and do it well.

You can email us the PDF or CAD files or you can send the link to online plan rooms. We will gladly download your plans from there.

Whether you are a GC, Sub-contractor, Architect, or the owner of the project, we create estimates to cater your needs. we specialize in preparing every type of estimate you would need including conceptual estimates, bid estimates, and construction cost estimates. Specifically, we can provide BIM Estimate, Budget Estimate, Project Comparison Estimates, Square Foot Estimates, Conceptual Estimate, and Preliminary Estimate.

We usually follow CSI Master Format. UniFormat is also another popular one. But we can customize the estimate deliverables as per your requirement.

Every project is unique. First and foremost we have a highly experienced and motivated team. We also use a variety of estimating software such as Plan Swift, Blue Beam, Build Soft and Benchmark depending on the project.

We develop hundreds of estimates every month and maintain extensive internal cost database as per location and post code. In addition we have access to the most up-to-date and widely used RS-Means. We also encourage our clients to share with us their costing practices and historic information so that we can integrate it in the final estimate. Pricing the takeoff is dependent on various factors such as: (1) Contractor overheads, (2) Competition, (3) Suppliers, (4) and Finish quality.

We never compromise on quality but we also charge very Reasonable and Cost Effective rates. After reviewing the project specs/plans and SOW, we provide a No Obligation Proposal stating our lump-sum fee and Turnaround time.

Some of our clients like to see the fee for each trade so we quote them our fee for per trade.

In order to keep our prices transparent, though we break them into hours or trades, but we quote our clients lump-sum so that clients know exactly how much he/she will be charged. There will not be any Hidden charge… ever

Please see ‘Our Fee section‘ for more details

Each project is different. In our quote, we will provide the estimated turn-around time. However, we have resources at hand and can turn your project around in Less than 24 hours but that depends on project complexity and size.

We deliver estimates in PDF and Excel formats. However the final estimate file can be customized as per your requirements. Contact us to discuss your needs.

With our team of Certified Estimators and experienced associates we have the ability to perform all divisions. For more details & samples of the divisions we cover, please click “Trades we cover”

With our wide network of estimators throughout the U.S. we can provide estimating services in all regions. If we cannot perform work on your project ourselves, we will recommend an associate in your area of need.

We have a strict code of business conduct. Our first and foremost core value is “Integrity” which we take pride in. We ensure your information is secure and we don’t share it with anyone. We only work for one client on a project and DO NOT share any information with anyone else who may contact us for the same project.

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