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Construction Material and Quantity Takeoff Services

While providing Construction takeoff Services, we start with reading the building drawings/plans and calculate the type and the amount of materials required to build the specific building. The calculation of materials in terms of type and amount is called the quantity takeoff. These calculations are put in an excel spreadsheet in an organized format and delivered to the client. The preparation and delivery of this spreadsheet is called construction takeoff.


Our Process of Material Takeoff Services

In addition to quantity takeoff, we also provide accurate cost estimation services to our clients. The process is simple. The client sends us the project plans and we provide free consultation as well as a quote to do the project according to the given scope. Once we have an agreement, we charge 50% of the fee initially and start the project. 

The first step in the process of quantity takeoff to go through the project plans thoroughly and check if the concerned estimate is a budget estimate or a design estimate. In the second step, quantity estimator marks the plans on Bluebeam Revu which is a software used to calculate the quantity take offs. The third step is the material cost estimation in which we calculate the cost of each corresponding line item using RSMeans. RSMeans is an online platform by which we can get the changing market prices of construction materials. 

Our construction takeoff get the prices of labor and materials along with the productivity of the labor from RSMeans. The detailed construction take offs are performed with everything broken down to show each minor detail to the client. The site estimate is performed in the first step covering each and every small detail.

How We Can Help?

Our Clients

What We Do for Contractors

New Construction Material Takeoffs

Bidding Professionals provide widespread construction material take off services to the clients covering all the trades. All types of commercial, residential, and industrial projects of all sizes and scope are entertained by bidding professionals. We have done projects ranging from a couple of millions to several million dollars.

Renovation Takeoff

We also provide a complete construction takeoff package to the contractors and owners who are seeking renovation and remodeling takeoffs. The client just has to provide the scope and we’ll prepare a detailed renovation estimate.

Our Experience With Take off in Construction

Projects of all sizes, from small shops to huge commercial towers are entertained at Bidding Professionals. Our estimators who provide material take off services have experience working on more than 800 quantity take offs projects with more than 300 satisfied customers. We provide material takeoffs to the clients after thoroughly working on the plans using BlueBeam Revu and preparing an estimate on MS Excel.

Partner With Us for Takeoff Estimating Services

Bidding accuracy and work productivity can be achieved with precise, organized and timely material take off, eventually increasing profit margin. Bidding Professionals helps the clients to submit more bids on time. Our bid format allows the client to add, remove or alter any line items with changing demands.

Benefits of Working With Us

  • Our material takeoff services are comprised of well experienced in all types of commercial, residential and industrial building take off in construction and cost estimation.
  • We provide a complete package to our clients covering all the divisions in takeoff services for construction.
  • We are premium members of RSMeans and ConstructConnect.
  • We are flexible working both offscreen and onscreen construction takeoff and estimating services using Bluebeam Revu.
  • We offer free consultation as well as a free quote to our valuable customers.
  • We meet short deadlines to allow customers to submit more bids on time.
  • Our bid format is user friendly and allows the customer to alter any line items easily.
  • We offer discounts to our regular clients and do one revision for free(T&C apply).
  • Working with us on project basis helps the customer to save office and salary expenses of in-house estimators.
  • Our construction estimating prices are competitive and our regular discounts make us more cost efficient.

Software We Use

Different software are used for different purposes in takeoffs:

Bluebeam Revu and Planswift are used for reading and marking the project plans.

RSMeans is used for cost analysis according to different states.

MS Excel is used to put the quantities and cost in and prepare the final file for the client.


Our Service Areas

In the United States, we serve the following areas: New York, New Jersey, California, Utah, Illinois, Nebraska, Massachusetts, Washington D.C, Texas.

Frequently Asked Questions

In construction, take offs are the calculation of materials in terms of type and amount, our construction take off services start with reading the building drawings/plans and calculate the type and the number of materials required to build the specific building. It is crucial to calculate the material takeoffs accurately to avoid losses during construction

There is plenty of quantity take off software available in the market which can be used for takeoffs and cost estimation like Bluebeam Revu, PlanSwift, RSMeans, and many more. Depending on the requirements, takeoff estimators can use any of them.

Different material take off software is used for different purposes. For instance, software like Bluebeam Revu is used to mark and flag the project plans according to the scope to get the accurate number of construction take offs while some software like PlanSwift is used to calculate all by itself.

While calculating the material take offs for new construction, an estimator has to do a thorough study on the specs of the project shared along with the project plans. Depending on the specs, our takeoffs calculate the material quantities for each trade, like concrete, masonry, finishes, furnishes, etc.

In construction, detailed takeoffs can be defined as the takeoff which is broken down to each and every minor quantity.

Our price work in two ways per the client’s preference:

(1)Per Hour

(2)Per project

We can easily support either approach but prefer to price per project because it gives the client an understanding of the total cost. If preferred, we are happy to price projects by hour.

The objective of material take off is to determine the precise amount of labor and materials to be used in the construction of the respective building. It is helpful while setting the budget of the project and it is necessary for GCs and subcontractors to bid on specific trades of the project.

Estimating a project is one of the most important things in the pre-construction phase. It predicts and evaluates the cost per trade as well as the total cost of the project. It is helpful for GCs and subcontractors to decide which project to bid on. While for material suppliers, it provides the exact quantity of materials to be delivered to the project site.

We provide highly detailed estimates and our construction material quantity takeoff services are broken down to each and every minor line items. We share sample estimates with our new clients to give an idea about the format and how detailed our estimates are.

We guarantee that our material takeoff services are more than 95% accurate because we have been working for more than 7 years now and most of our clients are the regular customers satisfied with the quality of work and accuracy of the estimate.

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