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Have you been busy lately while juggling between your work life and taking care of your house under construction? Or perhaps you’re a plumbing or piping contractor seeking the top plumbing estimating services. Have you been worried that you have a low budget and want to make a precise plumbing estimate? If so, you can rely on us. The Bidding Professionals have the solution to all of your problems.

After serving hundreds of satisfied clients, our experience allows us to consistently deliver best-in-class cost estimates along with the fastest turnaround time.


Why go with us?

We are trained enough to give you a productive and cost-effective estimate for plumbing work, whether you are a domestic plumbing contractor, an industrial plumbing contractor, a general contractor, a designer, a developer, or a property manager.

Our experienced team members always use tried-and-tested, up-to-date techniques for faithful estimations. These techniques help us enhance the quality of our cost estimations. Our plumbing estimators have extensive knowledge of the most modern software, including FastPIPE, FastDUCT, Planswift, FastWRAP, Trimble, and AccuBID. Bidding Professionals is your true partner that enables you in placing more bids on projects by offering cost-effective and detailed plumbing estimates.


What sets us apart?

  • Our special offers, discounts, and low prices differentiate us from the competition. We never compromise on quality and offer fair prices.
  • Our team is active 24/7 to help you through any problem and give you a quick response and a dedicated manager will always be available for you throughout the process.
  • We have expert estimators and civil engineering professionals because everyone wants to put their projects in reliable hands. 
  • We provide you with detailed, authentic, and easy-to-understand estimation plans so you can save your efforts and time.

Get In Touch With Us

We don’t demand any kind of fee or any complicated contracts in order to start with us. With us, you can get started without paying anything. We aim to simplify things for you. Just send us your plans, drawings, and other crucial documents so we can send you the proposal. We never charge you for reviewing the project. We give you free consultations and no-commitment quotes. We always consult with you happily and are never bothered by it.


The services we offer

We offer a wide range of services for the success of our clients.

Get Your Free No-Commitment Quote

Save time, and get all your construction takeoff data, more accurately. Call us today (585) 257-8306.


People we serve

  • We offer material takeoff and trustworthy cost estimation services to general contractors.
  • We help material suppliers looking for premium-quality material takeoff. 
  • We provide desired budget projections to designers and developers for their successful projects. 
  • We support subcontractors by getting meticulous estimates for certain jobs. 
  • We assist homebuilders by providing them with cost-effective plumbing estimating services. 

How We Make A Difference

Our Recent Work

Take a peek inside our Wonderworld

General Contractors:
General Contractors:

In a time span of more than 7 years, we experienced working with GCs, developers, architects, and project owners all across the nation, delivering turn-key estimates to them within their time frame. 

  • Imperial Gardens Apartment Homes - $28.2M
  • The Hub on Morgan - $3.9M
  • 3-Story Self Storage Facility - $9.7M
  • 1599 Columbus Ave - $12.3M

We have a vast clientele of all types of subcontractors like concrete, steel, painting, drywall, MEP, roofing, etc. We have a track record of delivering accurate estimates using the best-estimating software like BlueBeam, PlanSwift, RSMeans, etc.

  • O’Reilly Auto Parts - $936K
  • 1956 Jerome Ave - $4.2M
  • Fisher-Titus Medical Center - $1.04M
  • Panda Express – $896K
Material Suppliers:
Material Suppliers:

With our knowledge of estimating, we reach out to material suppliers as well. They utilise us in preparing material sheets and order lists. We help them calculate accurate material lists and save time while they deal with clients. 

  • Grand Villas of Clayton
  • Green County Animal Center
  • Metropolitan Multi-family Building
  • McDonald’s Restaurant

The Achievements

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Satisfied Customers

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Projects Completed

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