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What Is Structural Steel Estimating?

Structural steel is a major part of metals which is division 05 in CSI divisions. Bidding Professionals LLC provides a complete steel takeoff and cost estimation package generally for metals and specifically for steel takeoff estimates. We deliver steel takeoffs and cost estimation services to GCs, steel contractors, framers, and distributors. We have a team of expert professionals who perform highly accurate and timely structural steel takeoffs to cut costs and prevent waste.

Streamline The Structural Steel Estimating Process?

Whether residential or commercial, in every kind of construction, the most important step is cost estimation. The accuracy, affordability, and profit margin of the contractor depend on a highly accurate estimate. General Contractors, Subcontractors, developers, and architects can get our assistance in all types of cost estimation from a single scope project to a full-fledged complete scope job. Our team of steel estimators will take care of the cost estimation of the project so you can focus on more important tasks efficiently. Outsourcing your steel cost estimation work for us will remove the headache of the management and expenses of an in-house estimation team. Utilize our services to save time and money and bid on more projects with ease and accuracy.

Our Steel Estimating Services Include:

While performing structural steel estimation, we consider each and every detail to assure accuracy and reliability. Our steel estimating services include the following:

What We Quantify In Steel Takeoff Services

According to the CSI division, steel is the major part of division 05 Metals. It covers everything from bolts to Steel beams. A list of materials covered in steel takeoffs is mentioned in the image shown above.

The image below shows a sample of our steel takeoff:

How We Guarantee the Quality of Our Steel Estimates?

Along with an expert team of estimators, Bidding Professionals is also equipped with a complete set of premium pre construction softwares and platforms useful to provide an accurate structural steel estimate to its clientele. The caliber of any company can be determined by its responsiveness and the reviews of its clients. We never compromise on the quality of work and always complete the project in the  proposed time frame. With the help of dedicated estimators and trustworthy steel estimating software, we are capable of delivering bid winning estimates.

We Deliver Accurate Steel Estimates For Competitive Project Bidding

Technical expertise along with the subscription to premium pre construction softwares, Bidding Professionals LLC guarantees accuracy and reliability in its structural steel estimates. We can deliver detailed steel estimates along with the markup plans. With an experience of more than 6 years in the field of material takeoffs and steel cost estimation, we can help our clients to submit more competitive bids on time. Accurate steel estimating ensures minimum project cost and timely completion of the project. Along with all the quality services we provide, our prices are 30% lower than our competitors which make us more attractive to a large volume of customers.

International Standards we follow


American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials


American Concrete Institute


American Society for Testing and Materials


Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute


Reinforcing Steel Institute of Ontario

The Cost Estimating Standards We Follow

How big a project are we capable of handling?

A team of dedicated structural steel estimators providing takeoff services to General Contractors, Subcontractors, Architects, and Developers is always ready to serve its clients in all possible ways. Bidding Professionals is in the field of estimation for more than 6 years now and we have done more than 1000 projects ranging from a small single-family residential project to multi-million high rise building and availability of experienced steel estimators makes us capable of doing projects of any size and complexity.

Structural Steel Estimating: The quality assurance we offer:

The permanent clientele and the friendly environment we provide speak for our quality assurance. Every estimation team at Bidding Professionals is working under a team leader who closely and critically reviews the workflow of the trained estimators he/she leads. Bidding Professionals strives to improve the quality of work on a daily basis and believes in customer satisfaction by providing accurate and precise steel cost estimates.


Steel Estimating: Why Hire Us?

Outsource Your Steel Estimating

Structural Steel Estimating FAQs

We have been in the estimating industry for the last 8 years and we have worked with more than 30 GCs and around 100 subs. We are working as a complete estimation team for most of our clients. We handle all of their estimating and help them win more bids by preparing accurate and structural steel cost-efficient estimates. Along with highly optimized estimates, we charge a really competitive cost per estimate. It all makes us one of the best estimation companies out there.

We use a pre-designed format for structural steel takeoffs and pricing. Our format is highly detailed and easy to understand. If the client wants us to work on his own format, we do that as well.

It completely depends on the size and complexity of the job but if the client needs to get a job done within a short deadline, we do that by doing that job on high priority. We then engage more structural steel estimators to get that job done. So the turnaround time actually depends on the deadline or the client’s requirements but we always make sure that the accuracy of the project is not compromised.

Structural steel is one of the strongest trades of Bidding Professionals and we have assisted plenty of our clients to win steel bids. We quantify each minor and major line item in structural steel like Joists, Base plates, Gusset plates, Metal Studs, Trusses, Girders, anchor, Metal Stairs and treads, all types of beams, and railings, flashing, nuts and bolts, etc. Our detailing makes us one of the best on the market. 

Outsourcing your structural steel estimates to a well-reputed firm has the following advantages:

  1. Cost efficiency
  2. Accuracy 
  3. The client can focus on other important matters
  4. No management required for estimation

We have a well-experienced team of engineers, estimators, and accountants who do the complete analysis of changing market prices and optimize the prices to help contractors win more bids. We have our employees working on-site who get the actual market prices and compare them with RSMeans updated prices to get the best price for the customer according to zip code.

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